Mr President, Let’s Build a Wall

Dear Mr. President.

Congratulations on your boastful achievement afterwards a arduous 18-month continued chase to the White House. Man–you’ve got stamina! Wow! Thank God, it’s all over.

I promise–I will abide praying for you and your family.

I accept to confess–I did not vote for you or any added Republican. As a amount of fact, I encouraged anybody I know, to vote Democrat. However, the electorate has spoken, and so we’re all appetite to appear to agreement with our loss. As “Almost President” Michael Dukakis(D) said, “Losing sucks.”

Sir, as you advised on the priorities apropos our nation, I would like to acerb suggest, that aural your aboriginal 100 canicule in office–you must, and I repeat–you accept to include, “Building a wall.”

Mr. President, this abstraction of architecture a wall, in no way coincides with your clearing reforms, bound convoying or the plight of atrocious Syrian refugees. This bank however, addresses the canning of the address and honor, of the already admired appointment of the “Presidency of the United States.” An appointment which continues to lose bulge and significance, both from a civic and a all-around perspective.

Let’s be clear, to body this bank will crave desperate built-in amendments-which, may accreditation a vote by Congress to accept and apparatus the all-important changes. Nevertheless, I’m angrily optimistic that with your expertise, you’ll be able to accelerate this amount with affected precision.

This wall, clashing that on your agenda, cannot be financed by the Mexican or Russian government. Moreover, we do not accept the time or the affluence to agitation this issue. You accept to accelerate to administrate every civic ability aural your power–to restore the arete of the “Oval Office” (our bench of ability and All-embracing leadership.) We accept to assure our country from “hackers, bad hombre’s, awful women and about anyone who is not fit to be Commander in Chief.”

Sir, amuse let me explain further. In Corporate America -to-be applicants are appropriate to accept at atomic a bachelor’s degree, accumulated with some plan experience, to be advised for employment. In abounding instances, accompanying association account can be commissioned for appropriate experience. Health allowances and added allowances are usually added, alone afterwards the antecedent ninety-day period.

But, it’s alarmingly evident, that for the accomplished office, in the greatest nation in the world, there’s little or no assured qualifications. Apparently, any Joe Bloke with a US bearing affidavit can accept to run for the “Presidency of the United States of America.”

I, therefore, adjure you–by the mercies of Almighty God–that with all activity you body an alarming wall. One that will aegis any added hemorrhaging of this celebrated office. Indeed, sir– “Let’s Accomplish America Great Again.” At this choice is area the healing accept to begin, and you sir, accept been adopted to the job. You started it–now it’s your albatross to accomplishment it. You a lot of absolutely accept the vision. I durably believe–if you can accomplish it bright so we all can see and accept you no agnosticism will accept the abutment of the majority–and yes, we will added than ever, be “Stronger Together.”

While all the media, pollsters, and political pundits predicted that you could not win this election, you allegedly saw a aisle that accepted them all wrong. Almost alone you took on the establishment–even that of your associate affair and ran a able-bodied attack adjoin a thirty-year veteran, and won. Amazing!

It’s traveling to yield the political argumentative scientists, several months to absolutely accept what happened. No doubt, the history of the United States of America will abide to answer the complete of this TRUMP–ET for centuries to come.

Moreover, I acerb acclaim you accomplish this a amount of civic security. Sir, architecture this bank will ensure, that in our 2020 election, this affectionate of ugly, negative, abominable address never occurs afresh in these allegedly united states.

We should never about abase one addition to exercise our democracy. As a affable nation, with all-embracing administration capabilities, we accept to do better. We accept to abolish the affectation that says “we are all Americans” and accord with the acrid realities which shows, that even in this 21st century–America is still disconnected by hatred, bigotry, injustice, ancestral prejudices, bread-and-butter accident and so abundant more. The acclamation campaigns of 2016, has acutely indicated, that there is still a White America, against a Black America, with millions of Immigrants broadcast throughout the Union. The catechism still looms–when will America become the United States?

Furthermore, afore you attack to “Drain the Swamp.” I advance you “Build the Wall.” Failure to do so would aftereffect in an aberrant amount of displaced crocs. (crooks–power players) abiding as consultants, lobbying the White House. Men, women and those in-between, who can absolutely accommodate a US bearing certificates, but are in actuality Mexican, Syrian, African, Asian or even Russian. “Believe me,” clarification a swamp exposes a lot of aberrant creatures.

So, actuality are my apprehensive suggestions– (Allowing acceptable time for beheading and implementations of behavior and procedures) that as of January 1st, 2018-candidates for the presidential acclamation accept to acquire the afterward minimum qualifications.

1. Accept to be a aborigine built-in in the United States and accept to accept lived in the US at atomic 20 years above-mentioned the election.

2. Accept to be either macho or changeable as axiomatic by an aboriginal bearing certificate. (Ambiguity and alteration are contributors to Anarchy)

3. Accept to authority a doctoral amount in Law, and/or Political Science.

4. Accept to be a Christian.

5. Accept to be amid the ages of 50 and 70.

6. Accept to canyon a binding medical and biologic test.

7. Accept to be able to acquaint well. (no name calling)

8. Accept to be a aborigine and accept to absolution their tax allotment for the accomplished ten years.

9. Accept to accept had no added than one bankruptcy. Certainly, not six or seven.

10. Binding accomplishments check. No bent history. No awaiting acknowledged matters.

11. Accept to be the bedmate of one wife

12. Accept to accept captivated bounded and/or accompaniment appointment as Mayor, Senator or Governor for no beneath than 15 years. (combined experience)

13. Accept to be able to canyon a analysis on apple affairs. e.g. Who or what is Aleppo?

14. Accept to be chatty in two languages. English accept to be the primary.

15. Accept to accept a acceptable active record, no DWI

16. Non-smoker of marijuana. (medicinal or recreational)

17. Accept to accept accurate affirmation of accepting catholic to all states, and can name

18. Accept to be a Christian and apperceive how to pray–no best are you traveling to acquaint anyone “Our prayers are with you” and you don’t pray.

19. Accept to accept a Fico Score of minimum 750. (Credit Check)

20. Accept to accept an operating ability of the Constitution of the United States.

P.S. I added acclaim that all -to-be applicants be interviewed by a panel, absolute three accomplished presidents, four arch justices and two associates of the clergy. With their alternative and recommendations, America votes. In this address there’ll be no charge for advancement and the millions ashen can now be put to bigger use.

Sir, “We are Stronger Together–So Let’s Accomplish America Greater.”

So, Let it be Written–So let it be Done. Signed and sealed.

Maurice W. Armstrong